Thank You !


We are very happy to say that the conference was a great success.

Our gratitude goes to many. It goes to those who have played a very important part in making the conference a worthwhile event to those who have attended it.

We thank the speakers who gave us thought provoking talks and practical workshops.
We thank the sponsors and exhibitors who made it possible for us to bring you those speakers.
We thank Emirates Foundation for sponsoring teachers and principals who would not have had the chance to participate otherwise.
We thank the schools and institutions who have sent delegates.
We thank the school operators who participated in the first panel discussion of its kind in the region.
We thank the debate team of Jumeirah College who gave a great demonstration of critical thinking.

We will be going through the evaluation sheets now and we shall post a summary of your thoughts.

We hope that you will use this blog also to post what you would like to see improved for next year and to share your comments on the talks and sessions with your peers.

We will also be hard at work soon putting next year’s conference together and we shall post information on that as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you everyone and see you soon.




This is a blog that is being set up to act as a a communication hub for the TeachME 2009 International Educational Conference in Dubai, UAE on January 14 and 15, 2009

On this blog, you will be able to share your views on the conference along with continuing conversations initiated at the conference.

We will be asking the presenters to kindly visit from time to time in case there are comments left about their talks or workshops.

We hope that you will find this tool useful and that you would post your comments and suggestions in order to keep improving on the forthcoming TeachME conferences.