Making learning fun has always been the never ending tale of teaching. Over the decades technology has been accepted and introduced in to schools to help improve learning in the classroom.

The problem with this has always been that children may just not be interested in machines that were originally developed for business. To date we have not really had a device that was being used by children at home, but that was appropriate for use in the class. With the introduction of the iPod touch and its updates over the last few years we finally have this device.

The iPod touch is seen as a toy by children and truly it is this for them. However it is also a powerful learning tool that can be used to help children direct and channel their own learning and interests without even realising that they are learning. We can finally keep learning fun and allow children to feel as if they are playing, but still get them learning and their own pace.

During this workshop we will showcase how the iPod Touch can fit in to your classroom and what amazing results you will see once your children have this device in their hands


A poised speaker, Dr. Kari Stubbs has extensive experience in education. Dr. Kari Stubbs is the Vice President of 21st Century Learning at BrainPOP, a leading developer of online, curriculum-based content. BrainPOP hosts more than 6 million visits to its web sites each month, from thousands of schools worldwide. Previously, she was the Director of Professional Development for ePals, the world’s largest K12 learning network. She was the senior project coordinator of the Title IID initiative in Kansas from 2004-2007. In November, 2006 she was recognized by the National School Boards Association as one of “20 to Watch” rising leaders in the field of educational technology. She is also a recipient of the Making it Happen Award, and was the National Teacher Training Institute Teacher of the Year in 1997. Earning her PhD in Curriculum with a technology emphasis following 11 years in the classroom has given her perspective on the role of technology in learning from multiple angles. Her doctoral thesis at the University of Kansas focused on the use of technology in program design in preservice programs. Kari studied emerging technology trends as part of her doctoral work, and most recently served on the advisory board for the Horizon K12 Report on predicted technologies, trends, and challenges in K12 education. In December of 2008, Dr. Kari Stubbs traveled to China to study technology in education. Her career highlights include presentations at international conferences, such as The Consortium for School Networking, International Society for Technology in Education, National School Boards Association Technology and Learning, Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, National Association of Elementary School Principals, and Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education.
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The theme for this year’s conference is Make the Great!. The conference will be held on Novemeber 10&11 in Media Rotana Hotel, Dubai

Nowadays, with all the advancement of technology and speed of communication and processing power, a lot of schools might not be making the grade. Children in schools are growing more and more capable of chasing knowledge on their own that the teaching profession is rapidly becoming more guidance than instruction. The days of classical teaching are rapidly giving way to the overflow of information hitting our students from all sides.

Teachers might soon become guides to these brilliant minds seeking information that they willingly want to pursue. Grades are also on their way to become inaccurate assessments of a student’s knowledge and performance.

In order to produce the next generation of achievers, forget the grade, make the great! With twelve international speakers offering more than seventy workshops, TeachMe educational conference will help you do just that.
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The theme for the next upcoming TeachME conference in Dubai in November 2009 will address a very crucial development in teaching.

Children’s learning speed has been rising rapidly, their sources of knowledge are fast, reliable, and even customisable. Social networks and electronic devices are means of super-fast interaction and communication. Their demands for mental stimulation far exceed those that are now provided by their teachers. They are getting bored in class.

This is an issue that we believe should be addressed seriously.

The aim of the conference is to address these issues, and explore at possible solutions.

Post your suggestions and comments here. They will be very valuable.

The next TeachME Educational Conference will be held in Dubai in November 2009. The theme chosen for the conference is Change Takes Gears

We put a great deal of importance on the feedback we receive from you and the evaluations you fill during the conference.

We make sure that the evaluations are anonymous so as to allow our participants to be as transparent as possible. This year, we are giving our participants the option to share their feedback with the public. All evaluations will be posted.

We hope that you would share your thoughts so that future participants may get a “real” feel of what to expect.

Thank you all.